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Learn More about Direct Muffler Brake & Auto Service

Direct Muffler Brake & Auto Service has over 20 years of experience in the field of auto repair and maintenance. Conveniently located on Rosemount Ave in Cornwall, we are available to take a look at any problems you may be experiencing with your vehicles. Come see us today.

A Message from Denis Lafave

“Hello! My name is Denis Lafave. Twenty years ago, I had a dream to own an automotive shop in Cornwall. So, after working for a large automotive franchise as a Manager for many years, I took the ultimate plunge and put everything I had into my first shop, located on 7th and Pitt. It was an absolute struggle right from the get-go, and, to make things worse, the week before I opened Direct Muffler Brake & Auto Service, someone broke in and stole most of my equipment! I was heartbroken. I sat on the floor and cried until my wife, Jean, picked me up and said, “We can do this!”


I like to call it ‘starting with nothing, nothing’. After the incident, I pulled myself together and said, “Okay! Nothing is going to take us down!” and away we went. Later, we had two beautiful children, Brandon and Benjamin, who were diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder. This was the beginning of a very hard and stressful life. After 10 years, my landlord decided to double my rent and wanted half the taxes as well. So, here I was again, in another bad situation. But what did I say? “Nothing’s going to take us down!”


We hit the pavement hard, looking for a new location, and after many sleepless and stressful nights, we bought 1411 Rosemount in Cornwall. It was an extremely hard task to take a 10,000 foot shell and transform it into an automotive garage while keeping all my staff on at my other shop. It took me three months and 15-hour days before I was able to achieve my dream. After 12 very successful years, my wife, Jean, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She passed away four years later. It was the most awful experience you could ever imagine.


However, I am still here and Direct Muffler Brake & Auto Service is stronger than ever. We know that Jean is watching over us with a beautiful smile. So, from all my staff and my family, thank you to all my loyal customers, along with family and friends as well, for making Direct Muffler Brake & Auto Service what it is today.”

Our Team


Denis Lafave



Rick Bissonnette


Office Manager

Connie Charlebois


Automotive Technician 
Allan Markell

Daniel Pilion

Allan McNeil

Exhaust Technician

Robert Rothwell



Devin Mason


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